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TPE TV is a new digital theatre venture set up by The Production Exchange as a response to the COVID19 crisis and begins to explore the place between live theatre and television. ELEPHANT'S GRAVEYARD is the first project of this sort and the proceeds will go to supporting the participants. We welcome suggestions for future projects.

The Production Exchange is a charity set up to support, mentor and offer opportunities to people working in the Creative Industries who are in the first three years of their professional careers. Since its inception in 2013 the company has worked with these early-career practitioners on a huge diversity of projects ranging from a multitude of Research and Development projects through dance and film projects to full production and national touring theatre shows. Alongside the production and mentoring side of the charity sits the Production Exchange Management, an agency for some 75 actors and other creative artists.

Elephant's Graveyard

17-19 September 2020

A digital theatre performance of George Brant's 2008 original.

Presented by The Production Exchange and Arden Entertainment. Featuring TPE clients.

Elephant's Graveyard written by George Brant tells the tragic, true story of a struggling circus and a tiny town in Tennessee, whose collision resulted in the only known lynching of an elephant.

Set in September 1914, this powerful and award-winning play combines historical fact and legend, exploring the deep-rooted American craving for spectacle, violence and revenge that still resonates strongly in today’s society.

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"A play about the lynching of an elephant?”

Of course, it IS an American play and one must expect a certain amount of theatrics… by which we, in the UK, mean farfetched, ludicrous even! Yet George Brant’s 2008 Keene Prize and David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award winner, The Elephant’s Graveyard is a play that speaks directly to all of us- and more specifically, to the times we live in.

Based on true events in the town of Erwin, Tennessee in America’s Deep South, and told in a series of interwoven monologues, Brant cleverly makes the audience complicit as witnesses to the witnesses of the events. Given the South’s bloody history of race relations, playing out in present day with the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA (and internationally) and the ever present suspicion of ‘one rule for them and another for us’ between the haves and the have nots in this country, the topics the play touches on is perhaps starker today that when it was written.

I am thrilled and extremely proud that The Production Exchange is finding ways to engage with artists and audiences alike with this fascinating tale.

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